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How to open 3D files online

How to open 3D files online

If you need to open a 3D file but don’t have the software to do so, you can use a 3D model viewer for free and completely online. So here’s a way how to do it

Do you have to open the 3D model that your colleague sent and you don’t have the right software ?

It that case, you need a 3D viewer, which is a tool to open, view and manage 3D models made with software for which you do not own the license.

In this article, I’ll show you how to proceed using usBIM.browser. It’s a free solution, very easy to use and completely online. In fact, it doesn’t need any installation on your PC. All it takes is a simple device connected to the internet (PC, tablet or smartphone) to continue working without limits.

Read this article and find out how.

Online 3D FileViewer

An online 3D file viewer is a tool that allows you to open, view and manage 3D model files in proprietary (DWG, Revit, etc.) or non-proprietary (IFC) formats from any browser and with any device connected to the internet, without the need to install any software on your PC.

The advantage is to use a single tool to access data, information and 3D models generated with the main BIM authoring, which you could not be able to access without using specific BIM software to install on your computer.

How to open 3D files online

Open an online 3D file with an online 3D file viewer

There are free online 3D file viewers that offer you this service completely free of charge. The advantages are many:

  • you have a single tool to view files generated with different software;
  • use a free application;
  • access the service directly online, without installing anything on the PC;
  • manage 3D files, even large ones, from any device (PC, smartphone and tablet);
  • you can work on your files wherever you are (on site, at home, by train, etc.) directly from your smartphone.

At this point you just have to try to use an online 3D file viewer too!

How to open 3D files online

Obviously, the most obvious solution to open and view a 3D file would be to open it with the software with which it was generated. If, by any reason you do not have the specific BIM software, I show you an alternative way to open and view the file without installing any software on your PC.

Let me show you how to do it with one of the most powerful online 3D file viewers currently available on the market: usBIM.browser.

To get started, all you need is a simple device connected to the internet and an ACCA account registration.

If you don’t have an account yet:

  • access the MyACCA page;
  • complete the registration process by entering the required info;
  • enter your email and a password.

Now you are ready to access usBIM.browser as well as all the other free applications of the integrated usBIM system.

At this point just upload the 3D file to the usBIM cloud and open it to view it from your device.

Here are all the steps to follow:

  • log in to usBIM;
  • create a new folder, by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom right;
  • upload the file to the folder with a simple drag and drop;
  • click on the icon in the form of a pc screen, in correspondence with the file just uploaded and choose the option “Open”.

In just a few simple steps, visualize your 3D model without having to install any applications.

usBIM.browser allows you to:

  • view and manage data, documents, BIM templates and files (MP4, XLS, DOC, PDF) directly online. (JPEG, etc.);
  • view 3D files online with any device;
  • federate and display multiple 3D models in IFC or other BIM formats, in a single model;
  • collaborate with all users connected to the project in real-time;
  • collaboratively solve potential problems encountered in the model;
  • also connect data, information, graphics, technical specifications and other documentation useful for the project to the 3D model;
  • navigate the 3D model in immersive mode with virtual reality.

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