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How virtual property tours are impacting the real estate agency industry

How virtual property tours are impacting the real estate agency industry

Real estate digitalization: If you’re a Real Estate Agent that needs to show new properties to potential buyers, BIM Voyager is the solution to provide a cloud based visual tour of any BIM model

As the Coronavirus pandemic has increased levels of remote working, organizations are becoming much aware of the importance of connectivity. Real estate agencies make no exception and are now increasingly offering virtual viewings to buyers and renters to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you work for a real estate agency and you are looking for innovative ways to market homes and reach a wider audience, this is the article for you! Follow our tips below to make unique virtual property tours to your potential clients and share project information.

In this article we’ll be showing you how you can use BIM VOYAGER, an advanced tool for sharing and navigating any three-dimensional project, and how you can present apartments and other real properties online. With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walkthrough of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.

Here’s also a link to one of my projects (single-storey villa), so that you can experience an immersive, three-dimensional  tour of the property with BIM VOYAGER directly from browser, without having to download and install further applications.

Digitalization of the real estate industry

BIM VOYAGER: have a 3D tour of the model from desktop, tablet or smartphone

How to access and use BIM VOYAGER

BIM VOYAGER is the new technological frontier for presenting a much more realistic view of a property online when compared to regular images.

Even if you haven’t purchased any ACCA software solution yet, you can use BIM VOYAGER for free by downloading the trial version of:

  • Edificius (the architectural BIM design software)
  • EdiLus (the software for structural design ad calculation)

Project representations can effectively be communicated to customers as BIM VOYAGER is:

  • easy to use: exploring the BIM model is very intuitive and you can navigate it through in first person by just using your mouse, keyboard or mobile;
  • fast: your client will be able to view the 3D model on the web browser of any device such as computer, tablet, smartphone;
  • safe: your client that received your project link will be able to browse your BIM model but won’t be able to download your project file;
  • efficient: your client can take a virtual tour of the project and directly experience architectural spaces, materials, furniture and finishings;
  • free: there are no activation or subscription costs.
How virtual property tours are impacting the real estate agency industry

Virtual tour of a villa with BIM VOYAGER | Swimming pool view

Here are a few simple steps to start using BIM VOYAGER:

  • create your model using one of ACCA software BIM solutions (Edificius, EdiLus);
  • open the 3D view;
  • click on the”Share” button and select the BIM VOYAGER option;
  • Fill in the “Title” and “Description” fields;
  • click on “Start upload”to publish;
  • at the end of the upload process you will receive an e-mail with a link to your project.

Your client will be able to experience the spaces of your design through a real time virtual tour of the BIM model from the outside (orbit) or walk within the model (first person) simply using his/her mouse, keyboard or smartphone.

At this point you can share the link to your client and present your design ideas:

  • via e-mail
  • via Whatsapp, Telegram, Messanger, etc.
  • through any Social Network.

The user will get immediate access and be able to walk within the virtual model!

Take a three-dimensional tour of the model with BIM VOYAGER

A model remote viewing with BIM VOYAGER is really easy:

  • with the “Orbit” command you can move around within the model;
  • with the“First person” command you can walk through interior environments.

Click on “Help” to get information and be guided while exploring the model using the mouse, keyboard or your smartphone.

3D Real Estate: virtual tours for real estate agencies

Virtual tour of a villa with BIM VOYAGER | View from above

Presenting real estate solutions online: BIM VOYAGER for real estate agencies

Let’s assume that your real estate agency has numerous houses or commercial premises in your property portfolio available for sale or rent.

By viewing properties online in much more detail via a virtual tour, buyers can better narrow down the properties that meet their criteria. This process can save an estate agent a significant amount of time, as well as creating an immediate impression with viewers.

BIM VOYAGER is not only a much more efficient  and cost-effective way of managing viewings, but also gives the agent a tool to focus on selling the best features of the property directly from his\her office while allowing customers to virtually visit properties without leaving their homes.

Let’s now take a closer look at two possible scenarios for remote-viewing of a property using BIM VOYAGER. Specifically:

  • a customer who wants to rent a beautiful villa in the suburbs;
  • a retailer who is considering buying a shop in city center.
How virtual property tours are impacting the real estate agency industry

Virtual tour of a villa with BIM VOYAGER | front view

Residential property rental

The agency has rented a furnished detached villa located in an area far from city centre.

It is a one-storey building, with central patio and swimming pool, which can accommodate a family of at least 4 people.

Its main characteristics make it a very attractive deal, both in terms of accessible monthly fee and for the very low running costs, being A++ energy-efficient, which is why there have been many requests for visiting the property.

To be able respond to the many requests at the same time, the real estate agent can present the villa’s potential with the help of BIM VOYAGER. directly from his office and show:

  • the central yard with a small porch, from which you can access an entrance that leads into the living area oriented to the south-east with a curvilinear glass facade;
  • the living area treated with wall cladding in living stone that contrasts the two adjacent simply plastered environments;
  • the small central green courtyard enclosed by glass windows, which provides fresh air and light to the interiors;
  • the living room furnished with modern and contemporary elements, the kitchen is connected to the living room through a double sliding door, a double bedroom with walk-in closet facing south-east and two single rooms facing west, large bathroom and services;
  • the swimming pool which, following the curved wall of the living room, gives rise to a suggestive play of light and shadow reflections, between the stone facade and the water mirror itself;
  • the fine finishes, such as parquet, lacquered doors, porcelain stoneware cladding, external wood/aluminium thermal break windows, floor heating.

The power of the BIM VOYAGER technology will help the real estate agent to deliver top-level services allowing multiple visitors to virtually visit properties without leaving their homes.

Customers will even be able to request changes to the model, such the colour of the walls, by quickly applying possible alternatives to the edited 3D model with BIM VOYAGER.


Commercial property for sale

Let’s imagine that a rented commercial space is now for sale, and it is showcased with the interior furnishings of a clothing store.

The shop is located in a central urban area surrounded by different commercial activities and has 3 glass storefronts on the main façade, one of which is the entrance.

The showroom has an L-shaped floor plan and allows comfortable moving for customers and staff. The fitting rooms area, located in a more hidden corner, also houses the staff dressing room, restrooms and a technical systems compartment.

With BIM VOYAGER, the real estate agent can showcase the shop, even sending the project link to all potential customers who want to “visit” it from remote while illustrating its main features:

  • the width of the three shop windows on the main street, which provide large areas for display and luminosity to the shop;
  • high degree of rooms spaciousness even in height;
  • the presence of the air conditioning system guaranteed by suitable pipes in polished chrome-plated sheet metal;
  • the particular micro cement floor, applied in only 3 mm thickness on the walking surface, which can create the right setting with any kind of furniture or covering;
  • the service spaces equipped with bathrooms for staff and customers, technical and stock rooms

Also in this case the use of BIM VOYAGER allowed the perspective buyer to have a “guided tour” remotely and, possibly, ask questions about possible changes to be made to the property.

Therefore, the real estate agent from his office, will also be able to make a proposal for the shop renovation, according to the changes required, and resend the edited 3D model to the customer, again through BIM VOYAGER, to conclude quickly the sale negotiation.

Virtual property tour for real estate agencies

Virtual tour of a villa with BIM VOYAGER | Living room with patio

Take a virtual of my project files with BIM VOYAGER

Take advantage of the potential of BIM VOYAGER and experience the effectiveness of presenting real estate solutions online. Here is the link to my model:

Single-storey Villa

To be able to use BIM VOYAGER, remember that first you need to download one of ACCA software’s BIM Authoring solution:

Edificius (the architectural BIM design software)

EdiLus (the software for structural design ad calculation).